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Hello world! PELAsphere Multimedia Blog is now Live!

“Hello world” is always the example post when starting up a blog. So why not “Hello World”? I am Paul Guglich Jr, President of PELAsphere Multimedia, and I hope that my experience and ideas can inform you.

I have been involved in creating rich media content for over 20 years, including media such as print, photography, graphic design, and video production. I remember life before the internet; before everything went digital; before there was a tremendous amount of information readily available. I am only an expert because of the experiences that i have had through the years, and I continue to adapt to the new digital landscape.

So because of the fact we as humans have an attention span of 9 seconds, shorter than that of a gold fish, I will end my first post.

My main goal of this blog is to share information about the industry; from leading thinkers in multimedia, to my own insight on the behind the scenes of production.

It is a fun and exciting world, and everyone today has a camera and a creative idea, perhaps I can help and give you ideas to help tell your next story.

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United for Troops 2017 “Bringing a Little Comfort to the Troops”

Watch Video United For Our Troops

There is nothing better than giving back! Helping one another for a common cause. For our military personal who are so far away from home fighting a war to protect our freedoms, a little gesture of kindness can go a long way in getting them through a terrible situation.

On November 25th , a few days after Thanksgiving, my family and I volunteered our time to help our troops.

United for Troops, is a volunteer organization that has done so much for our solders and their families through the years, had their annual pack a box for our troops event. “Operation Defend The Holidays”

Volunteers gather in a organized chaos fashion to personally pack a box for a solider. Over 1000 boxes were packed that day and it was really great to give a  little something back especially this time or year.

I was so inspired about the event that i decided to create a little video with my iPhone and promote the organization. They do a great job with great volunteers. God Bless our troops and may they stay safe and return home soon.

Watch the video here on Youtube

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