Paul Guglich Jr

President, Pelasphere Multimedia Inc.

As a visual storyteller, Paul combines a strong sense of business savvy that created from scratch an internal startup multimedia department for a global company. Focused on producing a steady stream of high-quality content that gets the right message out to the desired audience,

Paul brings a passion to his productions and enjoys helping clients reach their business goals. Collaborative in nature, Paul ensures his clients have a lifecycle approach to the productions from brainstorming ideas until a final product is delivered to the audience.

Paul has an extensive background in multimedia productions, working with some of the leading companies, such as Westcon-Comstor, Novartis, Cisco, VMware, Merrill Lynch and many top reseller partners.

Paul has a special interest for working with small to mid-size companies to help them get to their next growth phase.  He wants to become an extension of your business and understand your needs.

Contact Info

Phone : 914-953-2015
Email : paul@pelaspheremultimedia.com